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Happy Valentine's Day Candle

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This V Day, give your partner, friend, coworker,  a 5 star rating. This whimsical coconut wax candle is the perfect way to start this special day. 

Did you know that coconut wax is harvested from coconuts which is a high-yield and sustainable crop. Coconut wax is popular because it holds fragrance and color very well, plus has a clean burn that produces very little soot. Coconut Wax is a soft creamy white color and is the eco-friendly choice. Harvesting the oil is an organic process with coconuts themselves being a sustainable high yield crop. And of course, it tends to be most expensive candle wax of the bunch.

Rate your partner 5 stars with this cute Valentine's day candle.

Scent notes:

Green Floral, Rose, Lily, Chrysanthemum, Powder, Sandalwood.

9oz. Ships 2-5 business days.