Pillows And Throw Blankets

Never underestimate the power of a pillow

Throw pillows and throws may seem like a small part of the design process for your home, but that couldn't be further from the truth. They're the best way to elevate a house to a home. Even though they are soft and comfortable, they're not all fluff. When it comes to living room seating, hallway benches,  and just about everything in the bedroom, adding a throw pillow  and/or throw will pack a ton of punch and bring out the subtle design features in a space. In order to harness the full potential of these decorative do-gooders, we've rounded up a few tips that will make the styling process a lot easier.

Pick the color you want to accent in your home

Mix and match prints and solids for your pillows, coordinate your throw

Play with sizes, shapes, and textures - you can mix them

Change them out seasonally to help your home reflect the feel of the current season